Saturday, 27 October 2018

Wingham High X Child Aid Papua

Well, We have been shopping again!!

You might recall last year we gave some beautiful hand made books, written - in Bahasa Indonesia AND English - and illustrated by the students of Wongham High, to the kids at Kukusan School, one of our Komodo/Flores projects.  At the time they sent us those books they also made a cash donation and I have been waiting for the perfect project to spend their hard raised funds.

I have recently been put in touch with Jonas, the founder of Child Aid Papua Foundation, who has a fabulous education program working with the kids of Raja Ampat.  At his grass roots education centre he offers classes in school subjects such as English, Mathematics and Geography, and also teaches marine Education, hosts beach cleans and builds awareness around threats to our oceans.  Jonas volunteers his time to work with these kids and does so with very limited resources.When I approached him to see whether the 100BOOKSproject could be of benefit to him he was pretty stoked.

I’m so pleased to be able to facilitate the beginning of a resource library for Jonas to be able to share with the students in his classes.  Without the dedication of people like Jonas on the ground, and the support of all of you behind him, the children in these isolated areas of the Indonesian Archipelago have very little access to education.  A million thank you for helping me to bridge the gap.

Win ham High, your donation will provide over 200 Library books, activity books and notebooks to these kids.  You are awesome.

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