Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Distribution 14 : Kukusan Village

Today I remembered the power of a story.

I remembered what it was like to get lost in other lands as a child.

Today I saw children get lost in Neverland.

This is what it looks like to disappear into a fairy tale.

You might remember I brought 50+ books and games back from Melbourne donors in March.  Well, included in the boxes of books were 2 beautiful pop up books - one of which, the story of Peter Pan, came with SOUND.

And oh how the kids were taken in by it.

Watching them take turns to gather around the book and unfold the pictures and listen to the music was really something.  I had forgotten what it feels like to be lost like that - lost in magic.

Before passing the books out to the students we looked at them together.  When we first opened Narnia (the other pop-up book), the children actually cheered.  I wish I had video, but here is a photo of the arms going up and clapping...

While these two particular books were a stand out today the kids loved ALL the books.  Our donors once again made excellent choices of books sending a collection of learning materials, beautiful coffee table books full of colour photos that always impress the kids and gorgeously illustrated stories that the kids LOVE.

These books are such a gift.  They make an incredible difference to these kids!  Exploring these books was a treat for them this morning and they are a resource that the kids can keep coming back to.

They also make a big difference in the life of the teacher who is doing her best to give these kids opportunities with so little support.

You guys rock!  Thank you so much xxx

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