Friday 9 March 2018


The kids at Wingham High School MADE BOOKS for the kids here in Flores/Komodo and in Raja Ampat.

This is my favourite #100BOOKSproject moment to date.

The daughter of one my dear friends told her Indonesian teacher about my project and the class set to work raising money.  Much to my surprise, though, the project didn’t just get a cash donation, we got a donation of books written and illustrated by the students.

I can’t even begin to express how special this gift was to the students.

When I gave the kids the books that had been made for them they imagined a class in a foreign land making them a gift.  This idea in itself was almost unimaginable for them.  

The books are written in both English and Indonesian and use simple repetitive language so they are a FANTASTIC resource for the students to learn English.

AND it has given the kids a great idea!  They too want to write and illustrate a story!  It looks like the 100BOOKSproject is taking it to the next level!  We’re making books now!!

To all the students at Wingham High, and to your most excellent teacher, a gazillion thank-yous.  

You guys ROCK!

* * * * *

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