Wednesday, 14 March 2018

A Visit from Salila Expeditions

Today Kapal Salila paid us a visit at the Atlas Pearl Farm.  Hearing about the work that we have been doing in the local village the guests had asked if they could bring some donations to be taken to the school at Kukusan.

We thought it would be nice if the guests could meet the recipients of their gifts so we invited the teacher and a few of the students to visit us at the same time and receive the donations in person.

Our friends on the Salila Liveaboard brought with them hundreds of notebooks and pens and pencils and a box full of sporting equipment - rackets and frisbees and balls and skipping ropes.

The kids were thrilled to be there and be a part of it.  They laughed as they tested out the new skipping ropes and tried on hats.  They chattered excitedly as they looked through the stationary and maths kits looking forward to sharing them with the rest of the students at the school.

They waved off the visitors then found a watermelon in the garden that we cut up and ate together - more laughter and excitement and unbridled joy.

It was a most extraordinary day.  My heart fills to bursting when I experience this level of collaboration and caring.

I am so thankful to all the staff at Salila Expeditions for your ongoing support, and to your guests for offering such a beautiful contribution to our local community.

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