Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Book Distribution 11: Bitu Village

School is back in Bitu!

Last year my friend Flori asked me if the 100BOOKSproject could help his village.  I was delighted to say a big YES!

Over the course of a few months we loaded him up with notebooks and activity books and library books which he would carry on his scooter for the 6 hour ride home to his village.

School was out for the holidays when he arrived with all the library books so he left them in the hands of the teacher to show the kids when the term resumed.

Well, school is back and our first distribution of library books for Bitu Village (and our 11th distribution overall) has happened and the students of Bitu Village now have 120 brand new resources to put on their shelves and enjoy.

A big thank you to all of you from me, from Flori, and from the community of Bitu Village.

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