Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Ibu Guru Project Update: We Have A Site For The House

Today the head carpenter from Atlas Pearls, Pungu and I took a trip to Kukusan village to assess the potential site for our new teacher housing.

It had been our original plan to take down the original, already collapsing, bamboo shack and build the new accommodation in its place, but this carried with it a few potential problems because the land is privately owned.

Firstly, there were building restrictions.  The house couldn't be a permanent structure and we had to abide by certain regulations with building materials - bamboo and thatch - which would look amazing but be more high maintenance.  If not taken care of we would end up in the same situation we're in now - with a house that simply isn't weather proof.

Secondly, there was a level of concern about what might happen down the track if the land owner decided he wanted to do something else with the property, or if would get to a point where he might assume ownership of the house because it's on his property.

We decided that the best bet would be to build atop the hill alongside the school.

Our teacher, Ibu Fitri, is in complete support of this idea - both so there is no village politics surrounding the house and so that she is nice and close to the school and can therefor be a better care taker of the property.

We took a look around the school site and have decided on an area at the front of the existing building.

As you can see, the teachers and kids are all very excited about this project.

To Kukusan!
Sneaky photo of Pak Seodik, the carpenter in charge.
The school on top of the hill.
The gap to the left of the school is where we're going to build
One day this will be a house.
Ibu Fitri, Ibu Rose and a couple of the student standing on the house site.
Everyone joins in.
We're all pretty excited...

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