Wednesday 31 May 2017

Teacher House: Update

You guys must be wondering what has happened to your money!  Let me give you an update…

Things are moving, but they're moving slowly - the processes of planning, getting the necessary permissions, making sure we tick all the right boxes to have full support of the community etc all take time.  And the building itself requires man power that seems to be a rare commodity these days - everyone is just so busy.

But we a making small steps in the right direction...

We have decided to build the teachers accommodation on top of the hill with the school.  The land that the falling down shack was on is privately owned, and while we have the support of the land owner to rebuild the house now, who knows what he might want for his land in the future… or, for that matter, our house!  The land the school is on is not privately owned.  Originally we had wanted to keep the accommodation by the water with the rest of the community, but I met with Ibu Fitri a few weeks ago to discuss the option of building up top and she is totally supportive of the idea and agrees that it will help to avoid any conflict down the track.

Last week we bought materials for the house.  


And we have a design plan.

It's going to look similar to this…

The inside space will be a single spacious room.  If, in the future, it needs to house a second teacher the room can be easily divided if they so desire.  The porch will be wider in the front to serve as an outdoor living space, and will wrap around the side where we will build a basic kitchen.

At this stage we don't have the budget for a bathroom, but perhaps down the track we will be able to add a toilet and a room for washing.

So yes, movement is slow, but it is happening.  

In the interim we have a dedicated teacher who is sticking around knowing that her conditions will improve - are improving - so thank you all so much for that!

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