Monday, 8 May 2017

Book Distribution #8: Selpele Village

Another day, another book distribution.

On Saturday, my friend Depri went to Selpele village and took with him another big box of your books!!

Every teeny tiny thing about this projects warms me, but seeing these photos, in particular, swelled my heart because Selpele village school was not in a good way when I first visited...

In fact, for months, there was no teacher there at all.

I was reluctant to distribute books here in the beginning - even though I recognised that the kids + community needed the resources I didn't want to donate until I knew that there was someone there who would be taking care of the books.

As time went on, teachers came, and the children started to attend school.  And I started to distribute books.

It's really nice to see that now there are teachers there and the kids have class and resources to use.

Slowly, slowly.

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