Friday, 3 March 2017


Things are rolling!!!

I've put the project through an overhaul this week - we are preparing for organised, managed collections.  And things have been busy, busy, busy.

I made a logo.  (I know, right?)

I've changed the recording system I've been using in order to make it easier to share.

I've had labels printed to put on our books in an attempt to make them easier to identify.

I've been packing up more boxes ready to send to our schools in Raja Ampat (in Salio + Selpele villages).

We launched our THRID library project (and first in the Flores/Komodo region).

And we have had all the necessary meetings to get the support and permissions we need to start building a NEW HOUSE for Ibu Fitri.

We are on vacation for the next month, so there won't be an update for a few weeks.  But during this time I will be book shopping.  And books will be moving.  And there will be movement on the building of the house.  So stay tuned....  Exciting things are happening!

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